Davey's Bridge 2012-13

Garden Valley, Idaho


Legacy Contracting

The portions of this project that OK Gravel Works performed included:

Constructing a wire faced MSE wall

Installing a large diameter corrugated metal pipe under the highway with gravel on the floor of it for a "Cattle-pass"

Excavating a 10' deep trench along the abutment foundation and filling it with Class 5 Riprap for scour prevention

Widening the roadway section to construct a turn-lane

Re-shaping the drainage in the project right-of-way

Idaho 21 - 5 Mile Creek Bridge - Fish & Aquatic Organism Passage 2011

Lowman, Idaho

Idaho Transportation Department

O-K Gravel Works

This project involved reconstructing a streambed that had been covered 50+ years ago to build highway 21. This required excavating to bedrock for the necessary slope and placing riprap and cobbles in the drainage for a natural appearing/functioning fish habitat.

This project won the Idaho Transportation Department's "2013 Excellence in Transportation Award" for "Environmental Stewardship"

Goat & Iron Creeks 2011

Stanley, Idaho


O-K Gravel Works

This project involved replacing failed culverts that ran underneath the main highway into Stanley from Lowman.

The highway had to remain open to one lane of traffic, so all excavation work had to be performed in stages.

The 108" elliptical pipe included building stream bed simulation to creat fish habitat. Water turbidity was monitored daily and fish nets were installed up and downstream of the work to prevent fish from entering the work zone.

This job was fairly remote and brought with it the typical availability difficulties.