O-K Gravel Works LLC was formed in the spring of 2004 to fill a need in the excavation market in Valley County, Idaho. O-K Gravel Works began at Tamarack ski resort preparing grade for roads, bridges, concrete slabs, and foundations. O-K Gravel Works also supplied thousands of tons of aggregate for bedding chips, structural fill, base, sub-base, and road-mix.

In 2006, O-K Gravel Works performed the site work and excavation for several new subdivisions in Valley County (Hawks Bay, Herrick Hills, Ponderosa Plaza, and Hearthstone). At this time, O-K Gravel Works completed numerous Forest Service projects that improved the forest travel infrastructure. This involved constructing plate arch bridges and pre-cast concrete bridges that included stream bed restoration that recreates fish habitat.

In the Fall of 2009, O-K Gravel Works broke ground on the site work for Kelly's White Water Park. Kelly's White Water park is the first of its kind in the state of Idaho. O-K Gravel Works built an Island in the middle of the Payette River with granite boulders that were imported to the site. Boulders were placed and grouted in the river channels to create rapids for the kayak course. Both river banks were armoured to prevent scouring from the increased flow velocity created by narrowing up the river passage around the island. O-K Gravel works performed the foundation prep for the visitor center, fill and grading for the amphitheater, utilities installation, 2 miles of trail along the river, and supplied and trucked the granite boulders for the project.

For the summer of 2010, O-K Gravel Works completed a number of projects (Federal and Private). 3 each plate arch bridges/culverts were installed over Curtis Creek (near Warm Lake) for the Boise National Forest. These plate arches included the "natural stream-bed simulation" rock installation that features a series of small wiers and "ponded" areas to provide habitat for fish. O-K Gravel Works trucked basalt road mix into the Rice Creek road re-vamp for a fellow contractor with 2 truck and pup combos 4 - 5 trips each truck per day for a couple of months.

For 2011, O-K Gravel Works finished its first Federal Highway Administration job installing large diameter culverts under the highway and recreating streambed fish habitat inside.

For 2012 - 2013, O-K Gravel Works subcontracted to perform the site work on the Federal Highway Administration led Davey's Bridge replacement in Garden Valley, Idaho. This included our first wire faced MSE wall, a Riprap filled 10' deep trench for scour protection around the abutments, and a "Cattle-pass" under the highway that consisted of a large 7' diameter currogated metal pipe.

In the Spring of 2012, O-K Gravel Works bought its first crusher. We crushed and hauled spec gravel for several State and Federal projects.

In the Spring of 2013, we leased a secont crusher so that we could be more versatile and work in more than one location at a time. We have crushed for a handful of ITD jobs as well as Forest Service, County, and City. We have have completed several orders for aggregates meeting required specifications. O-K Gravel Works has the capability to custom crush Aggregate for any specific application and specification.

In the Fall of 3013, we bought that leased crusher, rebuilt it and added a large screen plant to it.

O-K Gravel Works, LLC is SBA certified as a HUBzone and a Small Business Concern and the office is a located in a Labor Surplus Area.

O-K Gravel Works, LLC has completed work for many Government entities including:

Bureau of Reclammation, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Federal Highway Administration, Idaho Transportation Department, Valley County Road Department, Cascade City, Donnelly City, and McCall City.